Inter-religious leaders in the United States condemned the burning of the movement of Al-Quran holy book on September 11, by Pastor Terry Jones

Inter-religious leaders in the United States condemned the movement to burn holy book the Qur'an on September 11 next, while the Church of Pigeon Center, led by Pastor Terry Jones, still will carry out the movement.The commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan General David Petraeus warned the church in Florida who became the initiator of the movement the Muslim holy book burning is that the plan is actually endanger the troops and other U.S. interests in other countries.

"If plans are passed, then our forces in various regions of the Middle East are also threatened. Not only that, U.S. interests around the world are also threatened," said Petraeus was quoted as saying by the AP yesterday.

Similar is also expressed by Christian leaders, Jews and Muslims in the United States regretted disinformation and intolerant attitude of some residents that the superpower against American Muslims as a result of the construction plan of the Muslim community center and church near the location of 11 September 2001 attacks.

Tensions rose in line with the approach of the anniversary of the group Al Qaeda attacks against the twin towers of the WTC in New York nine years ago which killed 2752 people. Tensions also increased with the arrival of Hari Raya Idul Fitri as a marker of the end of the holy month of Ramadan this Friday.

Controversy, criticism and colored the life of the community tensions following the U.S. announcement of Jones, pastor Church of Gainesville, Florida, to burn the Koran incident on the anniversary of September 11. To the controversial step, the 30-year-old cleric was saying that he wanted to expose Islam as a religion of violence and oppression hooked.

Step Terry Jones was opposed by many religious leaders in the U.S., including emeritus of the Diocese of the Roman Catholic Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and Dr. Washington. Michael Kinnamon of the National Council of Churches USA.

The religious leaders had further said, the threat of burning the holy books of Al Qur `an in the U.S. this weekend is an offense worthy loudly condemned by all those who appreciate the values sipilitas in people's lives and honor the victims of 11 September incident .

The action plan of Al Qur `an arson that has also sparked protests in Kabul. Hundreds of people in Afghanistan dominated the students staged their protest outside the Prophet's Mosque Milad-ul. In action they chanted "Death to America" in response to a plan of burning Al Qur `an is.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg agrees with the idea of U.S. troops and NATO commanders in Afghanistan. In a press conference, Bloomberg said, the U.S. First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of speech of each person but he does not agree with the steps that Pastor Terry Jones.

"I believe he (pastor) that if there are people who want to burn the religious scriptures," he said.

Provocative actions of the church pastor in Florida was also unfortunate the U.S. Government. White House and U.S. State Department issued a statement explaining the official stance of the government of President Barack Obama, who lamented the burning of the action plan of Al Qur `an that.

"We think it clear the action provocative, disrespectful, intolerant, and divisif," said Foreign Ministry Spokesman U.S., PJCrowley. Clearly, this action-America `no`, "he said