Tips Making Meatballs

Generally meatballs sold in noodle dishes Sepinggan like meatballs, chicken noodle soup or meatballs that plus a sprinkling of spring onion and fried onions, my best eaten while still firm in the warm.Rather than preoccupation buy and hold, why do not we try to make their own meatballs at home. That way we will know the composition used and the cleanliness of manufacture. Also makes it quite easy meatballs.

This gives brief information how to make meatballs are supple and soft. Not only that, the meatballs do not have to be made from beef, but the shrimp, fish, squid or chicken is also made delicious meatballs. So also with how to make it, can be fried, steamed or boiled.

Main Material Making Meatballs

Select beef that is still fresh, if possible, still bloody and red. Free beef muscle and less fat such as meat and lemusir meatballs gandik will produce that tastes good. Can also use beef front thigh, or beef ribs.

Another case with you who like to make meatballs vein, select the Beef shank meat. The more fresh the better, because the fresh beef meatballs will produce a quality assured.

Select the type of white meat fish such as mackerel, snapper, grouper, or fish cork. Besides the results were clean (not dark), texture was more chewy baksonya. For white meat fish generally contain actin and myosin protein high enough to make the fish more dense, compact and easy to shape. Fish ball good quality white, glazed with a springy texture, smooth and not fibrous.

Choose fresh shrimp, remove the long whiskers, head and skin. Squeeze - Squeeze the shrimp in the liver - the liver with salt, then wash clean, new finely chopped.

Sekenyal chicken not beef, but now many who use it for meatballs. Used is chicken meat without bone or the chest. Choose a healthy chicken, fresh and not too old.

Techniques Making Meatballs

Making Dough
To make dough balls, cut - cut ketch meat, then chop finely with a sharp knife or food processor or blender. After that, puree the meat, knead with ice cubes or ice water and salt (can also add other seasonings) until the dough is dull and easily formed.
Bit - add a little starch to bind the dough more. Addition of starch is 15 - 20% of the weight of meat, so that the taste of meat remains outstanding. Not only that material, you can create by mixing or adding other ingredients into the dough balls to get the texture or taste of the other.

For example, mix chicken with shrimp or chopped mushrooms. Other materials that bias combined with meat, such as egg white, flour PANIR, glass noodles, tofu, scallions, onions, and others - others. In order to taste the main ingredient still stands out, add the other ingredients a little.

Shaping Dough
After getting the desired dough, you can directly form 2 balls using a spoon. Take the dough with a spoon, then a round with the help of another spoon. For those who could use a hand expert. Take a handful of dough, squeeze and press towards the thumb. Dough out between thumb and forefinger to form a sphere.

In order for the dough is not sticky, apply some cooking oil on the palm of your hand. Already formed dough should be boiled or put directly into boiling water until done.
Signature: football - soccer balls will float on the surface of water. Boiling meatballs usually last 10 to 15 minutes. Once appointed, drain, let cool at room temperature.

Generally meatballs sold in the form of a round - a round. Now it begins to vary meatballs, there is a box. So is the cooking technique is fried, boiled or steamed.

Saving Meatballs
Although no preservatives, durable balls. If you want to keep the meatballs, consider the following:

* If stored in the refrigerator (chiller), should put the meatballs in a covered container or plastic bag. Meatball stand saved 5 days.
* If stored in the freezer, put it in a plastic box or a thick plastic bag and close tightly. Better yet, if placed in an airtight container, hold stored for 1 month or more.
* Before processed into meal, meatballs first washing in hot water.