10 of the Greenest Phone Chargers

10 of the Greenest Phone Chargers , You need to be able to charge your mobile phone. However, you want to be eco-conscious. How can those two things go hand-in-hand when charging your mobile phone inevitably uses up precious electricity? Getting a green phone charger is your solution. Whether it’s powered by the sun or simply designed not to use energy when its not charging, green phone chargers reduce the carbon footprint of keeping your mobile phone’s battery full.

Here’s a look at 10 of the greenest phone chargers:

ZERO Charger. This new phone charger was just announced by AT&T. It’s a model of phone charger that we’re likely to see more of in the future. The way that it helps the Earth is that you can keep the charger plugged in to an outlet but it won’t drain any electricity from the outlet unless you are actually charging your phone. Most chargers still take a bit of energy out of the outlet even when they aren’t in use. This draining of so-called vampire energy is something that more and more green folks are getting concerned about. Chargers like this one could be the answer to these concerns.

Volt Eco Charger. This phone charger that is already out on the market is similar in many ways to the ZERO charger. Like that charger, it’s designed to stop consuming any energy when your phone is done charging. It’s also designed to be highly energy-efficient when it is charging. More importantly, it’s a durable charger that is designed to last for a long period of time (and will likely outlast your mobile phone) so it’s not going to end up in a landfill anytime soon.

iGo Charge Anywhere. This charger is made by iGo which is another company concerned with vampire energy. Their devices are also made to stop sucking energy out of outlets when not in use. This charger is even better than that, though. It actually retains the power that it gets from the wall outlet. Then you can take it with you and plug your phone into it whenever it needs to be charged. It solves two problems in one: how to charge your phone on the go and how to stop wasting wall energy when a phone is done charging.

Solio Universal Solar Charger.
This is a solar-powered solar charger that ranks among the best in the market. The charger itself can be powered by the sun. It can then transfer that energy to your mobile phone. It works with a range of different handsets and should be useful to most people. It’s a compact charger so it’s easy to take with you on the go. This is convenient because it means that you can easily expose it to the sun to make sure that it’s full. You would probably still use a normal wall charger at times to pack your battery to the brim with power but this is a good charger to supplement your wall charger as you begin to get greener.

iSun Charger.
This is another solar power charger that is worth taking a second look at. This one comes with seven different attachments so you can plug in a range of different devices and power them up using the phone. A cell phone is, of course, one of those devices but if you also carry around other gadgets that need charging then this could be a good green solution for you.

K3 Wind/Solar Charger. This is a handheld charger that you can take with you to power
your mobile phone. It is a hybride charger that uses both solar power and wind power to generate electricity to charge your phone. Like most other handheld solar chargers, this one probably isn’t going to be the only charger that you ever use but it’s a great additional charger.

BioLogic ReeCharge. This is one of the best pedal-powered chargers on the market to date. You hook it up to your bike and it gathers the energy that you’re creating from pedaling. You mount your phone onto the bike and it captures that energy while you read.

nPower PEG. Even if you aren’t a cyclist, you can still gather up the kinetic energy that you yourself create and use it to power your mobile phone. This charger collects energy that you generate while walking or jogging. You can plug your phone into it and this energy will be used to charge the phone. Kinetic energy chargers are on the rise and this is definitely one to watch.

iYo Yo Yo Phone Charger. This phone charger was designed as a yo yo which gathers up electricity as it is being played with. Once it’s charged, you could plug your phone into it to power it up. This is a super cool concept that was developed in 2008 for the iPhone. It never ended up coming to the market but it’s a really neat idea that could serve as the prototype for cool green charging options in the future.

Roto Charger. Need energy to power up your mobile phone? This handheld device just requires that you crank or rotate it to generate that energy. Use the energy to charge up your phone. This one is particularly useful in third world countries where electricity may be sporadic.