How to Planning for Career Success

How to Planning for Career Success ; The most successful career paths have good planning, a sense of direction, and clear milestones along the way. A career path needs to be flexible but it should always be structured. If you have a “map” of your intended route, you can make sure that all the activities in your working life help further your aims and give you a sense of purpose. Managing your career does not mean closing your mind to luck and chance, but involves talking and thinking about your career in a methodical way. This will help you gain further insights and recognise any opportunities as they arise, so that you can make the most of them.

Make the most of all the career choices that face you during your working life, be clear about your goals, alert to opportunities, and quick to make key decisions when necessary. Effective planning will help you be prepared and focused, so that when you need to, you can make the right choices. Nobody wants to look back on their career at retirement and wish they had taken a different path or done things another way.

So take action and give yourself the best chance possible:

1. View managing your career as an exciting new project.
2. Give planning your career the time and effort it deserves.
3. Concentrate on career opportunities.
4. Be prepared to look back as well as ahead.
5. Ensure you have the best marketing tools at your disposal, starting with your CVor resume

Marketing yourself

CVs or resumes are critical and to be noticed a CV has to be powerful. It is your primary marketing tool. The easy answer is that you need as many versions of your CV as it takes. There are different types of Curriculum Vitae for different job-hunting methods — and if you are using multiple strategies and approaches to search for a job, you’ll probably need multiple versions of your CV:

1. Traditional paper Curriculum Vitae
2. Electronic CV for attaching to email applications
3. Personal Career Website for hosting your CV, professional information and experience
4. Video Enhanced CV to use as an attachment on electronic CVs or on your Career Website

Maximise your opportunities for success and ensure that you are approaching your career with a practical and realistic plan, a well-written CV and a range of marketing tools to help you stand out from the crowd.