Before you decide for your online business must first understand dalu major factor in online business success, as a beginner in online business the most important thing is to make a website or blog, online business experts recommend that you create a free blog at berbasir because rekomdasikan blogspot blogspot supports many features in mendasain blog page. To create a blogspot pandauan here.

After you make this blog the main thing in supporting a successful online business is to bring visitors or make your blog traffic is high, to bring visitors in need terbsebut most important thing is the key word that serves to connect your blog with search engines like google, yahoo etc.. I believe that almost 95 percent must know google search engine. any person, when they want to find information, be it a college assignment,

What's the keyword? in Indonesian keyword can also be interpreted as keywords
so no more confused again, so I will continue to be the case, and for more enaknya again, then the case that I use is my own blog this ( In writing my blog headline "Online Business Expert", then, when the spiders from Google (the term used when google crawl website) browse this blog, the first keywords that google is read by Business Expert Online "and search continue kebawahnya, namely sub - headline is "How to create a blog expert and Learning Blog Business Online and Free Screening Guidelines."
results forwarded to the next post pages, starting from the first post title passed to postingannya. Therefore, if you search on google with the keyword "Online Business Expert" easy-easy to be on top at om google

From the article above, then we can conclude that the keyword is very important to us reaching the target market. example, you have a site / blog that has a theme of motorcycles or modification sofwtare computer, but the headline and sub headline you do not connect with the content of your blog, eg your headline "This blog rudi", and sub headlinenya "a handsome, good-hearted , behave praised, not arrogant, and like charity "... it is clear when there are people looking for a site about motorcycles or modification of computer software, your blog will not come out into 10 large, because google will show sites that have a headline and a sub headlines that match those keywords., then you lot was learned SEO (Search Engine Optimazzion) ..