Corruption Watchdog Slams Parliamentary Inquiry on Bank Century

Corruption Watchdog Slams Parliamentary Inquiry on Bank Century; The Indonesian Corruption Watch dismissed a possibility for substantial parliamentary recommendation in Bank Century bail out case from the inquiry committe and advised the public to not to expect much from the committee for a through solution for the case.

Coordinator of the group, Danang Widoyoko said on Friday the inquiry will only serve the interest of parties in the ruling coalition to press for more position in the cabinet.
The remark came after Golkar Party said they will not seek to impeach President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, even before the team is fully formed and began its task.
“The public should not expect much from the inquiry. Its better (for them) to switch off their TV's,” Danang retorted.

Danang also blasted the parliament's excuse on working on the legal aspect of the case, which he seen could be proceded law enforcement agencies without the parleiamentary measure. He suspected the coalition parties were still unsatisfied by the current cabinet composition.

He also pointed another loophole in the scandal that lawmakers should have identified. The central bank's poor control he said, has propelled case into a serious stage, which could become another precursor for passage of the Financial Service Authority bill.