Italy Can not Play Soccer Snooze Operation Buffon By GLI Azzurri

Italy Can not Play Soccer Snooze Operation Buffon By GLI Azzurri ; GLI Azzurri appearance when a 1-1 draw against Paraguay far from impressive. Italy was not able to create many chances in the Group F first party as the defending champion. Vote of no confidence will sustain the success of the Italian World Cup title in South Africa came out of a number of parties.

Italian national team coach Marcello Lippi tried to reach back to the Italian public expectations against New Zealand, Sunday (20 / 6) tomorrow. But the old veteran coach involved in Serie A, Zdenek Zeman, not sure Italy will be able to get up and finish his ambition.

Zeman said the players did a lot of Italians do not kick into the goal. If so, "It was difficult for Italy to win if there is rarely kick into the goal," he said.

Zeman agrees with the attackers Italy barren it is. When'm so Zeman pointed Lippi is wrong in choosing players. "I think they need to work harder in improving front line. While as a team, I would pick a player who can play football, "concluded coach of nationals of the Republic Ceska 63-year-old.

Snooze Operation Buffon By GLI Azzurri
Gianluigi Buffon's injury recurrence. At this time the World Cup, Italy's main goalkeeper in trouble with the spine and hernia. However, he determined to postpone the ride to the operating table for the sake of defending GLI Azzurri in World Cup 2010.

As against Paraguay, Buffon suffered a hernia problem. Not surprisingly, he did not come down full and replaced by Federico Marchetti. Apparently, the hernia is not the only problem Buffon. He also experienced problems with her spine.

To heal his injury, Buffon will be back up onto the operating table to cure. That would be operating both in the past year. Last December, it was Juventus goalkeeper to have an operation to cure his injury.

Nevertheless, Buffon was not ready to let go of the opportunity to appear in the World Cup. For the time being, to reduce pain, Buffon will always be injected by the Italian medical team. He was about to undergo surgery after the World Cup