Economic Value of Mangrove Forest

Based on the results of economic studies and cost benefit analysis of mangrove forest ecosystems (mangrove) was very surprising, in some areas such as Irian Jaya, Madura and could reach trillions of dollars, said Assistant Deputy for Coastal and Marine ecosystems Ministry of Environment, Dr LH Sudharyono.

Strategic Planning Workshop on Damage Control a Mangrove Forest in Bandar Lampung Sumatra revealed that the research results of Study Center for Coastal and Marine Resource IPB-Bogor with the Office of the State Minister for LH (1995) about the cost and benefit analysis of mangrove forest ecosystem was very surprising result, in Madura Island, obtained Total Economic Value (TEV) of Rp 49 trillion, to Irian Jaya Rp. 329 trillion, Rp East Kalimantan. Jabar 178 trillion and Rp. 1.357 trillion. Total TEV for all Indonesia reached Rp. 820 trillion.

Based on analysis of costs and benefits of mangrove ecosystem management scenarios suggested scenario: 100 percent of mangrove forests will be maintained as current conditions, as the choice of the optimal management, in fact, has been a reduction in mangrove forests, in Java, in 1997 it had extensive lived 19,077 ha (data in 1985 covering 170,500 ha) or just left around 11.19 percent.

Greatest shrinkage occurred in East Java, the area of 57,500 ha to only 500 ha (8 percent), then in West Java, from 66,500 hectares to live less than 5000 ha. While in Central Java, living 46,500 ha from 13,577 ha (live 29 percent). While large ponds on the island of Java is 128,740 ha spread in West Java (50,330 ha), Central Java (30,497 ha), and in East Java (47,913 ha).

It is feared that if in the future done by changing the extension pond or mangrove forest destruction and annexation occurs mangrove forest land, it will most likely be very difficult to get a mangrove forest in Java, not even any area in Indonesia.

Considering how important the meaning of these mangrove forests for the survival of marine ecosystems for granted and it is only natural if the local government in Bangka Belitung province is very concerned about the safety of mangrove forests are the province of Bangka Belitung area. Unimaginable what would be perceived by all the people of this island of Bangka Belitung if one day ecosystems Mangrove Forests (Mangrove Forest) in the islands of Bangka Belitung province was destroyed or even destroyed, how much the losses will be obtained, and with incomes and seimbangkah income from economic activities that would affect only a moment? Regardless of the long-term negative impact for the province of Bangka Belitung Islands this. Material losses are of great value if the value of money and loss sprituil invaluable.