Explanation Boediono Century Problem Case

Explanation Boediono Century Problem Case, Vice President Boediono held a press conference about the case in the court Centry Vice President, Jakarta, Saturday (12/12). "I want to explain fully and clearly, the Century is a conversation in society these days," he said.

Boediono statement is intended to clarify the news circulating in the community. "I will explain this latest development, because I am concerned there is information that has not clarified the cause turbidity in the community" said Boediono.

Boediono explained emphatically, that Robert did not join the meeting Tantular Financial System Stability Committee, which took place on 20 and 21 November 2008 in the Office of the Minister of Finance. "I witness life at the time," said Boediono, who was then serving as governor of Bank Indonesia.

Boediono also denied, that Robert Tantular spoke at the meeting which was also attended by Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani. "Robert Tantular not speak anything at this meeting, because he was not in the meeting," said Boediono responded Robert Tantular recorded conversations with Sri Mulyani currently available.

Similar delivered Raden Pardede who was also present there for vice president. According Pardede, who allegedly Tantular voice on the tapes is the voice Marsilam Simandjuntak. "At the end of the meeting when he spoke the law to be used," explained Pardede who was then present as Secretary COMMITTEE FINANCIAL STABILITY.

However, Boediono did not dismiss the existence of Robert Tantular the Treasury Building. "Robert Tantular in other parts of the building, which is on the second floor. The meetings are on the third floor," he said.

The presence of Robert Tantular time related crisis that hit the Bank Century. FINANCIAL STABILITY COMMITTEE deliberately bring about the directors and commissioners for the bank board should be ready if there is one decision that requires their responsibilities. "This really is a normal procedure in handling the problem banks, because he let if required (Robert Tantular.red) in order to respond quickly when needed," he said.

Decision affirmed Boediono COMMITTEE FINANCIAL STABILITY done according pure interest then, without any influence or intervention of anyone. "There is no personal or group interests. The situation is very serious, "said Boediono while stressing that decisions are taken with a clear heart. "I am ready to justify that decision in the world and the Hereafter," said Boediono.